Covid-19 Coronavirus Update

Dear All

It is with much regret we are going to have to suspend club runs for the next few weeks while this situation unfolds, we will review end of April. The Government guidelines advise against social gatherings. While initially we deemed our runs were low risk due to the environment we run it would be irresponsible to say there was no risk. With Running Clubs currently closing under direction of UKA, and parkruns predicted to close Wednesday (18th) we could potentially see an increase in runners. By taking this action until our review (End of April), if we manage to stop a single transmission that would help the NHS, it will have been worth it.

That does not mean stop Canicrossing, where possible, get out and canicross to maintain your own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments. Ashridge is quite a large place so you should be able to distance yourself from others and have lovely runs.

Social distancing, as long as you maintain a minumum of 2M it may be possible to run out in small groups, if you need a bit of company to motivate your dog. If you are going to run out with a couple of others, please do it by a group chat rather than the club page.

I know this prob means an early close to the winter running season, but hopefully it’ll be mild enough for us to get out later in the year.

George Humphreys