Ashridge Group Run Level Descriptions

We often get asked ‘Am I fast enough for this or that group?’ or ‘What distance do I need to be able to run to sign up?

We normally run several groups at various different paces every Saturday morning from Jog/Walk to Advanced speedy pace. The groups all do different distances but there’s usually a group that will suit you.

Our runs are posted via poll on our Facebook group and that is the only way to sign up for our group runs. The groups that are going out will depend on our volunteer leaders – who is available and what level they’ll take out.

✨ Newbie:

  • If you are a new member, please check this box AS WELL AS your run group option.
  • This will help us track your first 3 runs and give us a chance to advise which group will best suit when we meet you.
  • You may run as our guest up to 3 times before we ask that you sign up as a full member – you can do this here

Ashridge Run Level Descriptions for Runs:

💥 Pace is when actually moving and doesn’t include stops.

💥 Distances are a guide and depend on path taken.

💥 Depending on numbers/run leaders there may be a Single or split Tweenies/Beginners.

💥 We try to keep groups to 10 so need to know you are coming out.

💥 Descriptions below are for guidance do check with your run leader if your group is suitable.

💥 We won’t have all groups every week as this will depend on run leader availability.


✨ Zombies (Jog/Walk):

  • Distance: +/- 5km
  • Time: about an hour

✨ Beginners:

  • Distance: 5-8km
  • Pace: 12 min/miles

✨ Tweenies One:

  • Distance: 7-10km
  • Pace: 11 min/miles

✨ Tweenies Two:

  • Distance: 7-10km
  • Pace: 10 min/miles

✨ Inters:

  • Distance: 9-12km*
  • Pace: 9 min/miles

✨ Intervancers:

  • Distance: 9-12km*
  • Pace: 8-9 min/miles

✨ Advanced:

  • Distance: 9-12km*
  • Pace: min pace of <8 min/mile